AJWA 250g
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Ajwa from the Heights of Medina in the Holy City.


The Medina Ajwa is our Beloved Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ favourite fruit and is considered to be the most sought after date in the world. The Ajwa is mentioned in the Hadith literature (collection of words, actions and habits of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ) and therefore holds a particularly high religious value.

Saudi Arabia being the world’s leading producer of dates, boasts having the most date palm plantations and has at least 35 variants of dates with the Ajwa being the most prized. So much so, that Aswadan deems our Ajwa dates the Jewels of Medina.

Uniquely round in form, with a dark, almost black hue in colour the Ajwa date is a distinctive variety from Medina region in Saudi Arabia, rich in flavour and fine texture, it’s silky natural sweetness.

What's in the box

Dates in hygenic plastic lining.
Pit-hole for storage.